Overcoming fear

Seems like these days we’re all walking around afraid… afraid of what our President will do next… afraid of terrorism in our back yard… afraid of the impact that natural catastrophes are having on us… afraid of whether the market is at its peak and of what our company will do when the market crashes… afraid of cancer and chemicals and radiation and the cost of health care.

Could you be 25%, 50% or even 75% more effective in work and life with less fear?

Fear is not always a bad thing. It can tell us that we’re in danger and than we need to take action to be safer.  It can motivate us to create plans to mitigate risk and to change direction.

But, with all of the mind share that we give to our fears these days, what is left for positive thoughts? And since fear creates body stiffness, what is left for forward motion? What would happen to our productivity if we didn’t have to share our brains and bodies with so much fear.

You may have tried a handful of these coping mechanisms:

  • exercising until you’ve achieved body and brain fatigue
  • taking anti-anxiety meds
  • meditating to become aware that the fear is just a thought and shifting your attention to a more positive focal point
  • Facing your fears head on
  • applying the Jedi mind trick of allowing the fear to pass through us (I’ve always wanted to meet Jedi!)

Personally I’ve found the most success in managing and permanently clearing  my fears by holding neurovascular points (see below).  With very little invested time and no cost or side effects, this technique has helped me have difficult conversations, put more energy into growing my business, and enabled me to be more present in challenging situations.

What works best for you to manage your fears?

Hold your front and rear neurovascular points for 3-5 minutes to reduce a fear.


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