Energy Medicine Services

You have the power to heal and growth within you.

What ever you have going on, come in and we’ll work together to track your energy, figure out what is happening with it and what we can do together to re-align your energies.  While not a comprehensive list, below is a sample of the types of areas that we can focus on in a session.  All sessions will be customized to your unique energy needs.  Everyone is different, has different things going on in their lives on a mental, emotional and physical level.  We’re here to support you and will work with you to make a custom energy plan to help you regain your health, vitality and peak performance.

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Commonly requested sample sessions

Custom Energy Tracker Session
Not sure what’s happening with your energy?  Let’s do a tracker session, find out what’s in balance and what’s not and get you back on track.

Stage Confidence
Do you freeze when you’re in front of an audience?  Learn how to engage your energies to flow with you instead of throw you.

Reducing Reactivity
Do you find yourself snapping when you know it’s not a big deal?  Let’s see if your Triple Warmer has taken charge. It’s your internal warrior and can sometimes get out of hand.

Pain Chaser
Tired of your chronic pain?  Pain is often a sign that energy is stuck.  Let’s work together to get it moving.

For anyone feeling tired, especially those with chronic fatigue.  This session can help you feel the tension of the day, week and month, drift away.

Mind Balm
Deeply nourishing session to bring calm to a worried mind.

Deeply nourishing session focuses on dispersing the unwanted “frazzle” that often arises from accumulated stress and tension.

Allergy Support
We’ll work together to help your energies be less reactive.  This can be helpful with foods, supplements or medications that are needed for your overall well-being but are stressing your body with unwanted symptoms.

Hot Flash Calmer
Works to bring balance in the body to the Triple Warmer, Spleen, Liver, Kidney and Heart meridians. Many clients report that they experience fewer hot flashes as a result.

Jet Lag Remedy
Still tired, dragging and feeling off from your trip to a different time zone?  This session will help to re-align your biological meridian clock.

Restful Legs
Aligns energies from your toes to your nose and calms energies along the way.


“When I first saw Rachel in March 2016 I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained.  My exhausting lifestyle had caught up with me after running “on empty” for so long.  Full of empathy & care, Rachel assessed my needs, tracked my energy and did calming techniques to begin balancing and restoring my body’s natural energies.  That was the start of my healing journey with Rachel. Over the next six months, I met with Rachel once or twice a month.  She taught me simple exercises to keep my energies flowing, and ways to stay grounded, centered and calm.  With each session I felt a tangible difference- mentally, emotionally and physically.  We also went through the process of tapping on some deeply rooted emotional issues that I had been carrying for years, and I was able to release them.  I felt like a weight had been lifted!  Over the past months my vitality has been restored and I can handle the stresses of life in a more calm, clear-headed way.  I highly recommend Rachel and the work that she does!”  
– M.W., Designer, Cape Cod

“Thank you Rachel for being part of our stress reduction week during a hectic time for students. I ran into one of the students who you saw last night, she absolutely loved it and felt a deep sense of relaxation afterwards.  We look forward to having you back in November for the Holistic Health Fair!”
– N.V. Regis Community Health Services Graduate Intern

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s treatment. Last night was the first night in a VERY long time, I didn’t need sleep aids. My anxiety level was almost non-existent which carried over to today. You certainly have an extraordinary gift!”
– N.C., Mother and Grandmother, Milford

“I had recently returned from living abroad for a year- I had two children who were going back to school after missing a year and I was starting a new job after 10 years in the same position.  I was stressed and distracted.  My work with Rachel really helped me feel more grounded and more able to deal with the stressors.  Rachel was so in tune and focused.  She was able to hone in on the most important issues and really made a difference.  It was very powerful.  She is a true healer.”
– J.H., Nurse Practitioner, Hanover, NH

“After being in a bicycle accident where I was hit by an SUV, I was severely bruised both physically and emotionally. I sought help from Rachel, never having experienced energy medicine before, and not having any expectations of the outcome.  I was amazed at how much better I felt after just one session. Not only was my mobility greatly improved, my mental focus had returned. Rachel employed a variety of techniques for dealing with my unique situation, and regularly checked in with me during the treatment.  I returned to Rachel for a second session to continue the healing she had administered, and I believe she accelerated my recovery from this trauma.”
– I.M., Training Manager, Cambridge, MA

“Rachel brings the same intensity, curiosity and professionalism to her energy medicine work that she does to her work within the fast-paced corporate world.   She is gifted in her ability to tune into the different and often subtle levels of what makes you “you” and as you relax into a treatment with her you can feel the deep focus and caring that Rachel brings to the session.  She usually wraps up the energy medicine session with sharing and reflecting upon what she noticed and teaching you simple techniques that help to dissipate blocks and encourage your life force/energy to balance and flow as it is meant to.    Also, the session feels so good – deeply restorative and nourishing as if you are waking from a deep sleep.”
– C.C., Nurse Practitioner, Arlington, MA

Initially, I approached my first energy healing session with just a simple curiosity.  I didn’t think I needed to get anything out of it, or bring anything to it.  I just thought it would be fun.   What I got out of my first session with Rachel was a better understanding of how my energy works for and against me, and a few simple tools I could use immediately to start being more effective as a wife, mother, friend, and professional.  I’ve already done plenty of psychotherapy; what I need now in my life are simple tools that I can use to maintain balance and focus, compassion and gratitude.  

– K.G., Attorney, Cambridge, MA