Communicating with Impact

Communicating with Impact is as easy as managing your own energy.  It will enable you to get the results you want when it matters most.

What is Energy Management?

Energy management is about bringing the energy systems of your body into balance so that you can function at an optimal level and can communicate what and when you want to. Energy Management is fundamentally at the root of everything, including proper functioning of our cells, nervous system, brain and body.  If energy is flowing smoothly through our bodies, it enables us to be well, think clearly and exchange ideas with others.  If energy is stuck or disorganized, our ideas and words will not flow well, our message may be jumbled, we may look and act stiff instead of coordinated and we ultimately will not be as effective as we want to be.

What aspects of communication are addressed with the Communicating with Impact program?

The focus of the Communicating with Impact program can be on improving 1-on-1 communication, small group communication and presentations or large group presentations.  Skill building modules include:


What skills are taught in this program?

The following energy management, content development and dynamic delivery skills are a sample of what can be included in a client’s customized program.  Once learned, these skills can be leveraged prior to and during a presentation to maximize communication effectiveness.

Energy Management Skills

Content and Delivery Skills

Case Study

During a dry run for a very significant management presentation, a senior executive was unable to effectively deliver his material. He looked and acted exhausted. He was inarticulate, used ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ profusely.  His content was excessive and he lost the attention of the group.

After a single 2.5 hour session to learn energy management and story telling techniques, the dry run on the following day was tremendously improved.

His final presentation 48 hours later in front of 150 senior executives and decision makers was a home run, as acknowledged by his peers and manager.  Six months later, he stood confidently and delivered another engaging and articulate presentation by leveraging the same energy management skills.

What does our introductory Communicating with Impact coaching bundle look like?

Meeting One: Assess the need, Define goal, Introduce techniques (1-2 hrs)

  • Introduce concepts of executive energy management
  • Observe participant deliver a presentation (optimal)
  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Articulate goal and intention for work (e.g By the end of this session, I would like to...)
  • Introduce energy management techniques

Meeting Two: Energy Management techniques (cont’d) – (1-2 hrs)

  • Review Energy Management techniques and answer questions (demo and practice)
  • Introduce physical delivery skills
    • Presence – taking up space
    • Movement- standing vs sitting, nervous legs, meaningful gestures
    • Breath
    • Connection
  • Practice presentation

Meeting Three: Deep dive on core limiting beliefs (1-2 hrs)

  • It is not unusual for individuals to have fears and concerns regarding presentations.
  • In this session, we will explore limiting beliefs that may exist including underlying fears, concerns, prior events and experiences that may be impeding optimal communication and presentation delivery.
  • Once limiting beliefs are understood and prioritized, we will work together to retrain the brain’s automatic response and introduce new neural pathways that will enable smoother content delivery.
  • This process involves tapping on specific points on the body while staying emotionally connected with the underlying concerns and then on the optimal outcome.

Meeting Four: Telling the story – focus on content (1-2 hrs)

  • Refining the message, shaping the story
    • Focus on audience needs
    • 4% - People only retain a small percent of what is presented. What do you want them to retain and communicate when they leave your meeting?
    • 3 stones – This is a method for story telling that enables charismatic rather than rote communication
    • Sequencing including concepts of primacy, recency, and building credibility with data
  • Practicing the story

Meeting Five: Bringing it all together (1-2 hrs)

  • Practice presenting energy techniques while telling the story with coaching support

The cost for the introductory Communicating with Impact Coaching bundle is $2495. This includes five sessions over five months, email and phone support, and written exercises. Ready to step up your career? Contact us now to get started. 

Have the impact you want.