Energy Management Quick Tips

Here are some energy medicine exercises that can help you to increase your performance, vitality and overall wellbeing.


Five Minutes to Better Performance, Health and Wellbeing

Donna Eden’s 5-minute routine is a simple way to get your energies flowing and balanced. Want to find out more?  Check out this video where Rachel Rice, CEO and founder of Five Rhythms Consulting, demos the 5-minute routine with Kim Barnes-Jefferson, Owner and Top Notch Coach of the Fabulous Fit Squad.

Cross Over Patterning: Improving Coordination and Vitality

When we’re overwhelmed by work and life, our bodies energies respond by going into what’s known as a ‘homolateral pattern’. This means that energy is staying on the right and left sides of the body and not crossing over the mid-line of the body as it needs to for optimal well-being.

Our bodies do this because it helps us to stay still, rest and integrate whatever has recently happened in our lives. Sometimes when we’ve been under a lot of stress or repeated stress, have had surgery, have been sick, etc., our bodies have a hard time re-igniting the crossover pattern.  As a result we may feel uncoordinated, unconnected, have a hard time learning new things or feel stuck.

To help get your energies to cross over your body (and feel more coordinated and connected):


Say Goodbye to “Ums” and “Ahs”!

When you’re in front of a group, do you sometimes insert filler words, like “um”, “uh”, “so” or “right”?

Here’s a quick, tried and true way to get them out of your presentation vocabulary:

Before your next presentation, lightly tap around your left ear lobe and say ‘I will not say “um” and “ah”‘. Do this three times.  Then lightly tap around your right ear lobe and say “I will know just what to say”. Do this three times too.  Customize the statements so they work for your situation. Just be sure the phrase for the left side has “not” or “no” in it.  Try it and see!