Corporate Programs and Speaking Engagements

Our ability to be effective as leaders starts with our own internal strength and stability.

When we know and can articulate our own values, vision and mission in a way that resonates internally and with others, we are able to create synergies, alignment and loyalty with employees, customers and partners.  We also build resilience, stamina and creativity in these relationships.

Business Workshops

The classes listed below are primarily somatic — they focus on building the intuition and inner knowing that underpins cognitive shifts.

Please email us or call at 617-388-5079 for a proposal on workshop pricing, bundles and sequencing.

Wellness Workshops

Energy medicine has the potential to shift how we care for ourselves and how well we feel. It enables us to bring our best selves to work each day. It teaches us how to restore and revitalize our own energies and heal many emotional, physical and mental imbalances. Over time, by using energy medicine on a regular basis, we can increase our resilience and decrease stress-related and other illnesses because energies that are essential to our well-being are more balanced and harmonized.

We offer many health-oriented workshops to corporate audiences. Workshops typically are two hours and include a half hour of practice time toward the end of the session to support participants in integrating the exercises into their lives.  We also create custom programs, as needed, and work with organizations to find the best approach to reaching their target population. Please call us to discuss.

Please email us or call at 617-388-5079 for a proposal on workshop pricing, bundles and sequencing. 

Sample Speaking Engagements


“I hired Rachel as a speaker and workshop leader to present a program on communicating with impact for job seekers and other professionals. Her program was well organized, highly interactive and engaging. Her ability to articulate concepts and make the intangible, tangible to a main stream audience was outstanding as evidenced by the participants’ thoughtful questions and attention. I look forward to inviting Rachel again to speak to our group.”   T. Gooler-Loeb, Career & Executive Coaching, Training & Facilitation

“Rachel is a highly knowledgeable and compassionate consultant who easily brings to light the connection between the body’s energy systems, good health and work performance. During her workshop for our staff, Rachel shared simple, effective hands-on strategies and techniques to reduce stress, increase productivity and foster good health. I highly recommend Rachel to share her expertise to help create a healthier workplace.”   H. Grant, SVP for Operations at American Cancer Society

“Rachel presented at the Wayland Business Association dinner meeting. She was an excellent and engaging speaker on the topic of energy, our energy, and how we can direct and change our energy to be more focused, more grounded and more relaxed. Many members came forward to tell me how much they enjoyed her presentation. I strongly recommend Rachel to get any group meeting energized.”   L. Thalheimer, Licensed Insurance Adviser specializing in LTC, Life and Disability

“Rachel’s work with me boosted my ability to be the leader I want to be. Her deceptively simple techniques are some of the most powerful I have experienced, ever! If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, you will not be disappointed.” R. Cohen,  Principal, Great Pond Resolutions

“Friends of Wayland Youth and Family Services hired Rachel Rice as the main speaker for an event on stress and anxiety for local parents and students. Rachel was very professional, engaging, informative and her presentation was very well received. Rachel involved the crowd and demonstrated her work. The evening was very exciting and attendees stayed around and wanted more information.  I have participated in two one on one sessions with Rachel and have found her work very useful. After each session I noticed I had more clarity and my energy level increased significantly. Rachel is personable and very knowledgeable. She is committed to spreading her work and helping people live a better life.” D. LaPierre, President, Friends of Wayland Youth and Family Services 

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