Calming Emotional and Physical Reactivity

Energetically speaking, reactivity (whether physical reactivity or emotional reactivity) typically involves an energy called Triple Warmer. Triple Warmer is one of the nine energy systems defined by Donna Eden in her book, “Energy Medicine: Balancing your Energies for Optimal Health, Vitality and Joy“.  She says that when we feel emotionally or physically threatened, Triple Warmer’s role is to step in to promote a fight, flight or freeze response, an immune response and survival habits.  In these cases, Triple Warmer has the ability to pull from your other energies to fight off perceived threats to your system.

The trouble comes when there are too many stressors (e.g. traffic, news, arguments, electromagnetic waves, environmental pollutants, accidents, traumas, etc) or the stressors come too often and we don’t have time to come back to homeostasis.  Then, Triple Warmer can lose its ability to discern which stressors matter.

Can you imagine what might happen to the rest of your energies if you are constantly fighting off perceived threats?

If we don’t effectively clear out the impact of the stressors from our system, our energies can get thrown out of balance and over time lose resilience. Sometimes Triple Warmer can get reactive. No longer just our warrior, our commander-in-chief, the leader of our internal army, it becomes a hyper-vigilant, crazy energy that sees things as threats that really aren’t, because it’s lost its ability to see what really matters.  This can wreak havoc on our physical and emotional systems.

As a clinical practitioner, I’ve seen Triple Warmer reactivity show up in different ways for people including, but not limited to:

  • weight gain, or inability to lose weight
  • thyroid issues
  • blood sugar issues
  • auto-immune issues (e.g. M.S., Fibromyalgia, Lupus)
  • allergic responses including asthma, itching (e.g. hives, rashes) and anaphylaxis
  • temperature fluctuations (e.g. too hot, too cold, poor circulation)
  • emotional reactivity (e.g. flying off the handle)
  • cancer

The good news is that when our energies are balanced and working together in harmony, Triple Warmer can effectively keep us safe by giving us the shot of adrenaline we need to meet the periodic stressors in our life.  We can befriend our Triple Warmer and have it work with us, not against us.  Here’s one exercise to try that can help to sooth Triple Warmer’s anxious side.

Triple Warmer Calming Exercise

  • Place your right hand on your left temple (at the star in the image below), trace along the pathway highlighted and off of the fourth finger. Trace the other side too.
  • Check in. Do you feel any calmer? Did you breath any easier?
Triple Warmer (source: Donna Eden)

Learning about Triple Warmer significantly changed my world view,  how I approach my own health and emotional challenges and how I perceive the challenges of others.  If it doesn’t do the same for you, I would be very surprised.

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