Managing Pain the Energy Way

This winter while I was making red lentil curry for a group of forty at our ski co-op, some of the curry splattered onto the back of my hand. Before I could get to the sink, the area was white and the pain was intensifying. Luckily, I have a deep arsenal of energy-related pain management techniques which, along with ice and a couple of Advil, relieved me of significant discomfort. By morning, the area was pain free, there was no blister, and the size of wound was significantly smaller.  It felt like nothing short of a miracle.  The secret?

  • I tapped on my wrist and the back of my hand, communicating to my body to release excess energy, redirect the energy toward healing and stop the pain signals.
  • I tapped on the “gamut point”, giving my fight/flight energy the message to chill out a bit.
  • I pain siphoned, pulling excess heat up into my left palm and letting it drain out of my right finger tips.
  • I chakra cleared, gathering excess energy up and off the top of the area.
  • I visualized figure 8s mending the edges of the burn. This helped to speed healing and integration with healthy skin. (And, without telling me they were going to do it, my daughter and husband also did this same visualization!)

Real Life Pain Relief Examples

Sometimes managing pain with energy medicine can make all the difference. Consider the following use cases:

  • A client with tennis elbow had been through two rounds of physical therapy over two years and still had elbow pain. By clearing the emotions that were related to the emergence of the injury and balancing irregular energy at the site of the injury, in just one session the client’s pain disappeared.
  • A lifelong runner had pulled his calf muscle. Physical therapy helped a bit but when he went out to run, his other calf hurt too. In a single energy medicine session, we identified that his calf muscles had irregular polarity. We unblocked it and within a couple of weeks he was back to running.
  • A client complained of pain in the lower left area of his left breast and near his sternum. His doctor said that there wasn’t a medical issue with the heart or breast. During the energy medicine session, we identified that his heart valve energy points were not in sync.  Once we balanced the points, the pain cleared.
  • A client had been concussed multiple times over several years and experienced daily headaches. In a single session we cleared an energetic vortex that had been established over the head injuries. We also balanced several meridians on the head and got energies moving in a cross over pattern. Pain diminished significantly during the session and continued to diminish with home care.

Try this:

Sometimes all it takes to release discomfort is alternately placing the palm of your hand and back of your hand on the spot that is tender as this can get stagnate energies moving.  Try it and let me know how it goes.

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