Conquering Performance Anxiety

I recently worked with an athlete who we’ll call Zach. He wanted to improve his already stellar running performance.  Zach frequently won or placed well in races but he felt that something was holding him back. He had a feeling that if he could just clear some mental blocks,  he would feel lighter, be less stressed about races and run even faster than he already did.  His coach had also noticed that Zach’s gait was a bit stiff and had encouraged him to find ways to de-stress.  Zach agreed that his stress about running was starting to impact the rest of his well-being and he wanted to reverse this trend too.  He shared with me that leading up to a race day, he would feel a bit nervous, lose some sleep and not feel like eating on the day of the race.  Read on for Zach’s remarkable results.

When we started our session, Zach rated his level of stress about racing as a 9 on a 10 point scale (with 10 being the highest level of stress and 1 being the lowest) and a feeling of tightness in his chest that was making it tough to breath as a 7 out of 10.

During our session we used the following methodical process:

  1. Identified beliefs that might inhibit his mental, emotional and physical strength
  2. Used muscle testing to identify which beliefs were actually impacting his strength
  3. Used a process called “tapping” to clear these unconscious beliefs from his body
  4. Rechecked muscle strength to ensure that the counter-productive beliefs were no longer impactful
  5. Tracked and balanced his basic energies to create additional strength and focus, while reducing unnecessary stressors,
  6. Gave him techniques that he could use at home to reinforce the positive shifts that we had seen during the session.
Achieve Your Goals

One of the biggest surprises in the session was the discovery that unconscious beliefs were inhibiting Zach’s success. Even though he wasn’t aware of it, he had low confidence in his ability to beat his toughest competitor in upcoming races. Initially he didn’t think winning was possible, he didn’t think he could do it, he didn’t think on some level that he deserved to win and he didn’t think that he would be the same person if he won.  Once we finished tapping, his belief in his own ability became strong, his muscle test confirmed the belief, and he rated his stress now as a 1 out 10.  Even the tightness in his chest went from a 7 to a 0 out of 10.

Once his level of stress dropped, we were able to focus not just on winning, but winning with grace, speed, ease and fun.  For speed, he had a specific time goal in mind for his race.  So, we tapped on that being a) a possibility, b) a strong possibility and then even c) the possibility of breaking that threshold.  He laughed when we did that because it really seemed out of the realm of what was possible.

Finally, during energy tracking, we discovered that reinforcing the central meridian flow would help him to increase his confidence, holding his neurovascular points on his temples and forehead helped to reduce his heightened state of alertness and stress while allowing for feelings of joy, and reinforced the flow of the stomach meridian energy so that he would feel grounded, calm and have an appetite.

Results were remarkable.  That weekend, Zach reported that he slept well, ate well, won his three races and achieved his time goal.

What beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goals?



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