The Physical Feeling of Clearing Old Emotions

The physical feeling of clearing old emotions has a lightness to it. First there is the sensation of pipes draining, water flushing down the arms and fingers and off the legs and toes. Then, my client Sarah says, it’s as though some one has lifted a weighted blanket off of her chest and she can breath easier. There’s actually more space, she says, to breath. And, the tightness in her belly has released.  She hadn’t really been aware that she had been holding there. The skin on her temples has relaxed a bit too and her gaze is softer and brighter now.  She takes another deep, expansive, nourishing breath of air.

The fear is gone.

For the first time in a long time, she says that she can no longer tap into the feeling that she’s been a target. Someone at her old company had framed her to hide their own culpability. Although she had easily found a new job given the strength of her resume, experience and strong references, she couldn’t shake the feeling that if it had happened once, maybe it would happen again. Now, that fear is gone. In its place are positive affirmations connecting her to her stronger, wiser self, capable of seeing down dark alleys and identifying dangers from farther aware. She now feels aware, yet confident and poised.  It feels odd, she says, to not be able to tap into that same sense of vulnerability, but it just isn’t there. 

Energy balances.

Then, we make sure to strengthen her central meridian, the one that helps build our confidence, and boost her thymus energy which supports feelings of vitality. We work with her triple warmer energy, the one that governs fight or flight, and help it step down off of its hyper-vigilant perch to a more supportive and less reactive place. Since our work together she says that she feels less reactive emotionally at home and at work and much more able to have perspective and think before responding. 

Emotion = Energy in Motion.

Emotion is just energy in motion. When it gets stuck in our bodies we hold it like a weight. We hold it unconsciously so that maybe it will keep us safe the next time something similar happens. But instead, the next time something happens, we freeze, or fight or run away and we don’t get a chance to start fresh. By working with the energy and giving it a way to move in, around and out of the body, we are able to build new pathways for thinking and acting and actually re-pattern our body’s response to stressors. Learn how.

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