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Level 1: Fundamentals 2024-2025

Study the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine in a small, supportive setting and get the training you need to make a huge impact on your own health and the health of your family, friends, or current clients.

The Eden Energy Medicine Level 1: Fundamentals Classes are a one-year program of extensive study in Donna Eden’s style of Eden Energy Medicine.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Work with your own energy to feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually and excel in your life and career (great for Individuals, Students, Parents, Grandparents, Athletes, Business Professionals)
  • Have enough experience to confidently help yourself, your family and your friends
  • Integrate EEM methods into your professional practice (great for Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Clergy, Psychotherapists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists)
  • Enroll in the Year 2 Certification Program to become an EEM Certified, Clinical or Advanced Practitioner

You will learn simple, and powerful tools to help you feel and function at your best and that will help you to:

  • Feel less tired
  • Feel more alert
  • Clear worries, fears and panic to think more clearly
  • Improve your memory
  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel more balanced
  • Be less emotionally and physically reactive to smells, environmental pollutants, other people’s emotions, your own emotions and stressful situations
  • Potentially recover from illness faster
  • and so much more

2024 DATES

The dates for this 2024 Fundamentals program are slightly compressed from a typical schedule in order to align with common Massachusetts public school calendar vacations to make the classes more accessible for teachers and students. Instead of a typical 10 weeks between classes, there will only be 9.5 weeks between classes 1 to 2 and Classes 2 to 3.  This affords plenty of time to learn and apply the material as written test are typically due within 3 weeks of class and demonstration of competency is due within 6 weeks of class.

Class 1:  April 11 to April 14, 2024
Class 2:  June 20 to June 23, 2024
Class 3:  August 22 to August 25, 2024
Class 4:  November 21 to November 24, 2024


Thursday 6pm-9pm
Friday 12:30pm-9:00pm
Saturday 9am-6:30pm
Sunday 9am-5pm


Class 1: written by May 5, 2024, demo by May 26, 2024
Class 2: written by July 14, 2024, demo by August 4, 2024
Class 3: written by September 15, 2024, demo by October 6, 2024
Class 4: written by December 15, 2024, demo by January 5, 2024


Amy Bacchieri took Fundamentals with Rachel in 2020, continued on to Level 2 in 2021, became a certified practitioner in 2022 and just opened her practice this Fall. Hear about how the program helped her to create scaffolding for her own healing, build her toolkit so that she can help her family and friends, and evolve her life’s journey as she is now becoming an energy medicine practitioner.

Kathy Okoniewski took Fundamentals with Rachel is 2021. Here she shares about how she started at literally square 1 and how, as each class progressed, she began to feel more confident and competent in using her energy medicine skills. She’s continued on with the certification program (year 2) in 2022 and is working towards certification in 2023.


Louisa Mattson has a unique perspective on the class and on Rachel’s approach to the class as a Teaching Assistant for us.  She is a clinical Eden Energy Medicine practitioner.


“Rachel was AMAZING as a teacher. I knew very little about energy and she opened my eyes to so much. It was easy to understand her material, hand outs and demonstrations. Her ability to answer our questions was fantastic. I absolutely loved the space where we met – calm and peaceful which was perfect for this training. “

“Rachel is incredibly excited about energy and made the workshop fun, informative and personal.”

“I loved everything about the session. Rachel is a great facilitator and really used fantastic examples and stories to deepen our learning. I walked away with a LOT!”

“It was a wonderful experience. I came away with lots of tools to heal myself. Rachel is an amazing presenter.”

“Excellent workshop and presenter. Loved it. Comfortable learning environment, great group, and life changing information to know and use.”


The tuition for the Eden Energy Medicine Level 1 Fundamentals Class is $1195.00 per class. Total cost for the classes is $4780. Tuition covers handouts, meeting space, teaching staff, evaluation and feedback of written tests and demonstrations between classes, and ongoing evaluations to keep people moving forward in a competence-based learning model. Some additional class materials will be required.



Step 1:

Call Rachel Rice to discuss your interest and confirm fit at 617-388-5079.

Step 2:

There has been considerable interest already in the 2024 Program so we are requesting a deposit this year of $250 to hold your spot in the class. This deposit is applicable towards the full class one fee of $1195. Details for sending the deposit will be confirmed on the call with Rachel.

Step 3:

Register for Your Class with Rachel Rice

A registration link will be available soon. If you register by early March 2024 you can receive some very rich and helpful bonus videos including:

    • Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques A 6-Hour Streaming Class
    • The Energies of Love Class A 6 Hour Streaming Class filmed in Victoria (this is part of the Foundations required class materials)
    • Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body



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An Interview about Beliefs with Tania Bandak, MD

Dr. Tania Bandak and Five Rhythms have colloborated over the past 4 years with over 50 mutual patient/clients and we have seen remarkable shifts in outcomes for many. As a result of this metaview we are starting to recognize themes and patterns and are excited to share our observations with you.  This first interview is about how beliefs are inherent to healing. How is this happening? For whom is this working? How does energy medicine dovetail with traditional medicine? And, how does this expand our understanding of healing?


Rachel: Tania, in your experience, what are some of the treatment areas that have responded well to an Eden Method energy medicine session that weren’t as responsive to more traditional modalities. 

Tania: I’ve seen the most benefit in two main groups of people: 

Those who have conditions or symptoms which traditional medicine doesn’t have a cure for and those who aren’t responding to traditional treatments as I would expect them to.   

For example, even though we do have approaches that can help people with certain chronic or diffuse symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, irritable bowel symptoms, hot flashes, etc,  our treatments are sometimes not sufficient in adequately mananging their symptoms. And sometimes we do have treatments that should be working for people who’ve suffered injuries or illnesses, but even after their treatment is completed, they have ongoing symptoms.   

Rachel: What is the most powerful shift that you have seen in your patients after they have experienced the energy work. 

Tania: What I find so unique about the work you do is that within the course of a single session, your client frequently leaves feeling better–and seeing that they CAN feel better shows them that they have within themselves all they need to feel and be healthy.  This belief can be transformational in how they approach their self care.  

Rachel: How so?

Tania: So many people have been carrying their symptoms and sensations for such a long time that it’s become infused into their belief of who they are and how their bodies work.  It can become the lens through which any experience is interpreted. For example, someone suffering with chronic fatigue may shy away from participating in a new activity because they may believe “That’s something I can’t do.”  Or, if there is another reason their fatigue may be worse–a bad night’s sleep, a viral infection, etc, the worsening fatigue–albeit temporary–can be interpreted as reflecting the progression of their chronic illness. These are natural reactions and responses. But, the implications of these belief responses can sometimes unintentionally fuel their pain/discomfort.   

Rachel: So how have you seen the Eden Method influencing their belief responses?

Tania:  The fact that they frequently feel better by the end of a single session helps them to realize that they do have within their bodies, the ability to feel better.  This is incredibly powerful because it suggests that they/their bodies are not irrevocably broken or flawed.  And, experiencing that improvement in how they feel can challenge their belief about their bodies and gives them the opportunity to develop a belief system that is more aligned with their health and healing.  

Rachel: Are there tools that allopathic doctors have to approach this today?

Tania: Yes, there are. A lot of how we do this is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which works towards uncoupling thoughts, feelings and behaviors from each other so there can be a more volitional approach to how we choose to think or act.  This is an absolutely fundamental tool, but no one tool works for all people. CBT is a process that can take time to notice an effect. 

Rachel: Were you initially skeptical? What resolved your skepticism? 

Stay tuned for Tania’s response in our next post. 😉

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