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The Science of a Biofield

In my search for information to satisfy the skeptical part of my brain that has a hard time grasping things that I can’t see, touch, smell or taste, I came across a presentation by Beverly Rubik. She has a PhD in biophysics from the University of California (Berkeley) and is a pioneer in the field of Biofield Science. Her organization, The Institute for Frontier Science, received a grant from the National Institute of Health to study the Biofield in 2002.

She started her talk by introducing the concept of a magnetic field, first highlighting what happens when you place a piece of paper over a bar magnet and sprinkle iron shavings on it. Below you can see the field that emerges in the pattern as the north and south sides of the magnet pull shavings toward themselves. Thanks to MIT for the image.

She also introduced the concept that the earth has an electromagnetic field that looks similar. This image came from Wikipedia:

Human beings also have polarity and an electro-magnetic field.  So what?  The field is sensitive and reacts to other fields and energetic patterns in our environment. Even thoughts.  And, definitely heat, light, sound and electro-magnetic frequencies which are given off by high tension wires, computers, wireless phones and cell phone towers.

The interesting concept from my perspective is that shifts in consciousness effect the biofield and can positively impact healing.  Beverly measured the changes in light as a result of changing intention and also simply sitting in meditation. She found that:

  • The intention to emit energy to help a sick person or animal increases light emission from the hands by 100-1000x. This light can be absorbed and enhance molecular function.  (As she proved in research that she did by scientifically measuring how reiki that was delivered to heat-radiated, damaged bacteria in a petri dish increased the number of colonies generated (showing improved health of the bacteria) vs bacteria that did not receive reiki.)
  • Meditation increases light emission from the crown of the head and palms of the hands by 100-1000x. This implies that just a change in consciousness can shift our own healing potential.

Where the mind goes, Qi goes. Where Qi goes, blood flows.  —Principal of Oriental Medicine

Do we have an energetic field around us? If we do, what difference does it make? Does it impact us in any way? Does it impact people around us?

Fortunately, we do have a field that both protects us and, if we’re healthy, screens incoming information and wave patterns.  If the field is diminished, as can happen with prolonged stress or trauma, we are more vulnerable to environmental radiation (like what comes off of mobile phones and cell towers).

According to Beverly, “Epidemiology has linked chronic exposure from the microwaves from cell phone radiation and other wireless devices to cancer, in particular an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain cancer that is very lethal, and acoustic neuroma, a rare cancer that started to appear after cell phones became the dominant communication system on Earth.”

What can we do about it?  I believe that by strengthening our energetic bodies and minimizing exposure to harmful radiation, we can decrease our potential to be impacted.

For those who are interested in Beverly’s work, here is a link to her site. 

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