Management Consulting

Regardless of whether your company is a start-up, mid-size or on the Fortune 500 list, we can get you heading in the right direction.

We can help your team in the following areas Case Study: Idea to Launch

Led, a social networking site for tweens, from ideation to launch.  Created financial model with owner, advised on strategic decisions and drafted organizational structure. Managed team of information architects, visual designers, usability specialists, web developers and technical/product consultants.  Drove design and development.

“Rachel was the driver behind our social networking website’s start, managing the key players and organizing process from beginning to launch. In her role as consultant, she was thoroughly professional: prompt, prepared and kept an enormous amount of detail organized so that the entire company was able to execute their various roles in a smooth fashion. We were all impressed with her ability to oversee the process and guide us through the challenges of a start up.”
-K. Clark, Attorney at

We have the expertise and experience to help.