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Rachel Rice’s Breakthrough Priorities Protocol©: Identifying, Setting and Resolving Contextual Priorities

May 7, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The Breakthrough Priorities Protocol©:  A Game Changer

Rachel Rice’s Breakthrough Priorities Protocol© enables you, the practitioner, to facilitate deep levels of healing around specific client issues.  It is a client-centric, results-oriented, streamlined model for navigating energy balancing sessions. It allows the clients’ energies to speak for themselves and it takes the guess work out sessions.

This Training

In this training, you will learn how to set context and identify priorities using a simple, streamlined, straightforward process called the Breakthrough Priorities Protocol©.
  • Setting Context enables you, the practitioner, to focus on balancing the energies that are specifically related to client symptoms.
  • Prioritization takes the guess work out of sessions by letting the clients’ energies show you the most direct path to balancing energies pertinent to their symptoms and context.
  • Setting Context and Identifying Priorities deepens your opportunity for intuitive listening and expands your understanding of your energetic tool kit.
The Breakthrough Priorities Protocol© is simple, intuitive, and repeatable. It  makes it easy to navigate the 9 energy systems, fine tune the Eden Method Class 7 priorities list, and add in other modalities that you know, like and trust.
This process takes energy medicine to a whole new level and can increase your confidence in getting results for clients.

This process works for all Rhythms

  • Woods will be delight in its efficiency.
  • Earths will be overjoyed to meet clients’ needs.
  • Waters will be able to flow with the energetic solutions.
  • Fires will be exuberant about about the variety of each client’s path.
  • Metals will love the structure.

Clients Feel Better Faster

  • A client came in reporting that they had a headache (self rated as a 5/10). I put the issue into context, identified the energetic priority (in this client’s case: to sedate ST meridian) and the client’s head pain diminished to 0/10. One technique and we were complete on that issue.  No guessing was necessary about whether we should work on Bladder, Stomach or Gallbladder meridians although any of them could have been an issue for the client. It was great to be able to balance the energetic issue directly.
  • At the outset of a session a client reported 5 different concerns. I used the priority testing to identify which concern her body thought was the highest priority (it was her frozen shoulder, which she rated as pain of 8/10). Then I set the context as the frozen shoulder and identified that we needed to work with neurovascular reflexes to clear some grief (large intestine meridian runs right over the joint), worry (her pectoralis major clavicular muscle has been feeling stiff) and then judgement (related to anterior deltoid and the gallbladder energy of judging others). I held her NV reflexes while we talked through her grief, worries and judgment. At the end of the session, she rated the discomfort in her shoulder as a 1/10 and she had full range of motion. Incredible!  In addition, once we addressed her highest priority concern, other issues that she had identified at the beginning of the session also diminished in intensity during the process.

Students Love It and are Already Using It

Rachel recently taught this process to the students who had just completed Fundamentals Class 4 as well as students who have completed the the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. They loved the class and they are already implementing it. Here’s what they are saying:
  • “My experience with your method is astonishing and just impressive.” J.C.
  • “I am very enthusiastic about your new protocol. What a great tool for every EEM practitioner!” D.S.

Registration is Open Now

  • When: This class will be offered on the afternoon of Sunday May 7th, 3-6pm EST.
  • Includes: The class will include lecture, demonstration and practice time.
  • Cost: The cost of the training is $159.
  • Place: Wayland, MA and Zoom .
  • Prerequisite: Eden Method: Fundamentals Year 1 or higher.


May 7, 2023
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Five Rhythms Consulting
9 Heard Road
Wayland, MA 01778 United States
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