COVID-19 Information Center

We are living in different times, and with them come a different set of standards and responsibilities. At Five Rhythms Consulting, we take the safety and health of our clients and staff seriously. Here and below you will find the link to our COVID Waiver needed before every appointment and required by the State of Massachusetts mandates.

==>Link to our COVID Waiver

Knowledge is power, and if we work together, we can overcome anything. We are so grateful, happy, and honored to have you as our clients and to once again have the opportunity to work with you on your healing, wellness and peak performance needs! We have spent considerable time deep cleaning and organizing the office to have it ready for you and have implemented the following to adhere to the new guidelines as well as give you, peace of mind:

1. Masks: We require that everyone wear a well-fitting surgical or cotton mask to cut down on droplets getting into the air. If you wear an n95 mask, please wear a surgical or cotton mask over it.

2. Contactless Checkouts: We encourage you to book and pre-pay for your sessions online.

3. Screening and Waivers: We have introduced a new COVID waiver form that must be filled out prior to each appointment. All clients and staff will be screened prior to stepping foot into the office and we will postpone treatment for anyone who displays or has been in contact with anyone displaying any symptoms of COVID 19 as outlined in our waiver. Please print, complete, sign and bring this waiver with you to your appointment.

4. Air cleaning: We have installed an iWave ionizer to reduce virus, bacteria, and other air particulate. The ionizer runs continuously. Additionally, we will open windows throughout the office as weather permits. These steps assist with air circulation and cleaning.

5. Disinfecting Surfaces: Each treatment room will be cleaned with soap and water on all contacted surfaces.

6. Frequent Hand Washing: As we have always done, we will continue to wash hands before and after sessions and encourage you to do the same. A fresh hand towel will be provided for each client.

7. Disinfecting Bathroom and Common Areas: These areas will be cleaned regularly with soap and water.

8. Social Distancing: Please stay in your car until your session time as we have eliminated our waiting room and are doing our best to maintain our social distance until the time of your session. Also, although some talking with be necessary, please try to keep discussion to a minimum.

9. No Guests Please: Only the person with the scheduled service will be permitted into the office unless you are bringing a minor and they require your assistance. Guests should observe all other requirements of customers, including wearing a face covering and maintaining 6 feet of separation from other persons present.

These guidelines are subject to change as the EPA, CDC and State of Massachusetts evolve their information and guidelines regarding COVID.