Communicating with Impact (HIDDEN)

Communicating with Impact is about saying what’s important when it matters most while building your capacity to listen and integrate under stress. 

What happens when….

What happens when… a difficult business conversation looms on the horizon… your emotions catch in your throat, you feel reluctant to pick up the phone because you might not get the outcome you must have? Do others feel like they can speak their truth to you? Can you hear it?

When you and others are not able to say and hear what’s important, your organization misses the information it needs to make the best decisions. Walls go up, creativity goes down. Employees disengage.

Your communication is a dynamic process.

Say what’s important


You must convey your message – clearly, confidently so it is heard. You also need to receive what others say. To do both under stress requires staying emotionally balanced, centered in your own identity and present.

Communicating with Impact is about saying what’s important when it matters most while building your capacity to listen and integrate under stress. It is about mastering learning through dialogue and leading with the heart and mind in sync. 

Executive Leadership Training

Communicating with Impact is the first-of-its-kind executive leadership training that helps participants master the art of learning dialogue. This interactive and dynamic training enables participants to constructively raise the difficult and strategic conversations necessary for peak organizational and personal performance.

Participants experience greater balance with their own emotions, identity and energy, which is essential for more open and connected relationships.

Participants learn how to:

We do a pre- and post-training assessment of Kirkpatrick L3 results and we think the data speaks for itself:

Executive and Business Coaching

Coaching provides a safe, private space for the deeper work that cannot be done in training. In a trusted coaching relationship, clients can find clarity, practice individualized tools they need to remain grounded and calm and fully develop their ability to speak and be present under stress.

Training + Coaching = Transformational Change

Our group training + coaching gives whole teams the skills, language and individualized roadmaps to Communicate with Impact.

Option 1: One-day training to introduce Communicating with Impact concepts followed by one 90 min coaching session per participant to support clearing limiting beliefs and reducing emotional triggers.

Option 2: Two-day training to deeply explore Communicating with Impact concepts followed by 12 50-minute coaching sessions per participant to shift limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

Customization available.

Our Model

Participants described the training as:

What clients say about Five Rhythms:

Five Rhythms Consulting’s work with me boosted my ability to be the leader I want to be. Their deceptively simple techniques are some of the most powerful I have experienced, ever! If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with them, you will not be disappointed.” Executive Coach

Five Rhythm’s program was well organized, highly interactive and engaging. Their ability to articulate concepts and make the intangible, tangible to a main stream audience was outstanding.” Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

“Rachel is a gifted coach. The results have been amazing.” Best-selling author and TedX speaker

Amy coaches me into looking at situations from alternative perspectives and using different techniques to help me work toward achieving my short- and long-term goals.” Senior software engineer and technical lead

“I have been working with Amy for the last 6 months and have seen amazing results. She is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her.” Graphic designer

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