The Science Behind Energy Psychology

Only recently have we been able to measure subtle energies, measure shifts in subtle energies in the body, and measure the impact of energy medicine on well-being. Even though people experience positive results from these modalities, they may doubt the efficacy of the modality, perhaps attributing their success to the placebo effect or something they just can’t put their finger on.  The good news is that there is more and more scientific evidence that supports the notion that energy medicine and energy psychology are effective.

Specifically, according to the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, there have been over 100 research studies, review articles and meta-analyses that have been published in professional, peer-reviewed journals.  This includes:

  • 43 randomized controlled trials
  • 39 outcome studies
    • 98% of the above 82 studies show positive results
  • 4 meta-analyses
  • 4 systemic reviews
  • Hundreds of case studies
  • 1 more meta-analysis in press and will be published in 2016, which analyzes a series of studies documenting the efficacy of EFT.

A few years ago I would have fallen into the skeptical bunch, but I have seen too many people benefit from the work now to doubt it at all.  I recently worked with a client who wanted help feeling less stuck.  He was skeptical about energy medicine and energy psychology but decided to give it a try.

He had already achieved a tremendous amount in his life and had been the driving force behind his previous employer’s growth by inventing numerous, patented solutions for his employer.  He had also started two companies but something was holding him back from moving forward. He was internally creating but not externally engaging.  He wasn’t making the phone calls he needed to make and overall he didn’t feel like he had value to add. He felt tightness in his chest every time he thought about it.

During the first two sessions we focused on identifying the limiting beliefs that were getting in his way of moving forward. We also talked about various events that had happened in his life that could be related in some way to how he was feeling. Once we mapped it out, he could more easily pinpoint the areas where he felt most limited. We used a technique called ‘tapping’ to clear the emotions and beliefs from his system so that he had a clear slate on which to create new neural pathways.  Then we talked about who he is at his core, what makes his heart sing and cause him to be joyful at the start of a day. We identified his life’s purpose and used tapping to enable him to access the feelings of inspiration, joy and creativity that he felt when he thought about his life’s purpose.   After two sessions he felt energized and excited about the possibilities ahead. He was now waking up feeling vibrant each day.

But it wasn’t only his feeling about things that changed. His businesses started to take a turn for the better.  When we touched based between the second and third sessions, he reported that one of his products was now close to being production ready. (It is now produced.)  In addition, a new client for his other product had requested a volume order and a third customer had commissioned a new design.  Not only that, he had made phone calls and reached out to people who had been on his ‘to do’ list for a while. He was unstuck.  Over the past few months, things have continued to evolve and another of his products is under contract to be mass produced!

Over the next few months I plan to share summaries of the studies that have been published which provide scientific evidence in support of these modalities.  I hope that you will reach out to talk with me about them.  In the meantime, if you’re curious, you can learn more here.


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